Political Strategy


Jay Shepard is an owner of Junction Consulting, LLC, an advertising agency specializing in creating, producing, and delivering corporate and political messaging. Shepard has served as a trusted advisor to dozens of U.S. Senate, Congressional, Gubernatorial, state-wide and legislative races, 501(c)4s, Super PACs, and other outside groups and organizations. 

Public & Media Relations


"The Message Matters"

Bad press makes it easy to lose ground you worked hard to secure and can jeopardize your chances at winning. Jay Shepard and his team are skilled public relations experts that ensure you have the right message at the right time to maximize the benefits of earned media.



It takes a lot of work to raise money, but we're good at it. Jay & his team have raised millions of dollars for campaigns, political organizations and nonprofits. Each dollar you raise can make the difference between winning and losing, and having an experienced consultant help you navigate your fundraising plan can make all the difference on election night. 

Direct Mail


Direct mail is confusing, but we make it easy. We have aggregated the best printers, mail shops and designers to make sure that you get the highest quality design, delivered on-time, for the lowest possible price. 

Television & Radio


Nielsen reports that the average adult watches over 5 hours of television per day. It's important they see your message. Jay's production team can create and distribute television and radio ads that move the needle and produce results at the ballot box.

Digital & Social Media


Want to build an email list? Advertising to a highly targeted group of people online? Jay & his team know how to create digital ad campaigns that won't get ignored in the scroll and will convert impressions to actionable results. 

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